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DentalMaster has succeeded in developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows to obtain in less than 20 seconds not only a real interactive 3D model adapted to the patient needs but also to incorporate most of the prosthetic restorations adapted to his situation.

This revolutionary 3D Artificial Intelligence comes with additional modules:

Enhance your drawing skills when creating your treatment plan by placing graphic elements directly on a bone outline or on your patient’s x-ray for simple and easy treatment planning.

D2D X-Ray is a comprehensive and professional application that allows the user to edit images to explain to dental patients their diagnosis and treatment prognosis. It is mainly recommended for all consultations in full implant, bridge, dental crown, fixed and removable partial denture.

You can upload periapical and panoramic radiographs, as well as photographs of the arches of your patients and modify them with clip art, dental preparations, dental crowns, and implants for the patient to better understand the procedures that will be performed, as well as the results expected upon completion of their treatment.

Once edited, images can be saved

The program can also be useful for students and academics in dentistry support for dental imaging with educational purposes.

مربع برنامج D2D

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