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The new revolution in patient education and treatment planning

3D Cloud – The worldwide unique AI that allows you to create tailor-made real interactive 3D animations in less than 10 seconds! In a 3D interactive model adapted to your patient needs.

Personal Assistant – A ready-made 3D animations bank that helps you explain most of the treatment processes with up to 400 animations.

Edentulous Assistant – The best tool to explain full teeth loss solutions. Easily compare different treatment options for edentulous jaws on a 3D interactive model.

Dental 2 Drawing – Improve your drawing talent when creating your treatment plan by placing graphic elements directly on your patient’s Xray for  simple and easy treatment planning.

DentalMagic – In just a few minutes, Highlight areas that require an aesthetic focus on the digital image of your patient and be able to present a digital prediction of the treatment.

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