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Powerful Software for Patient Education

DentalMaster software enables you to show your patients graphics and animations that are appropriate to their unique clinical situation and treatment. This visual approach is often much more effective than relying on technical terms and explanations, removing the need for any pre-existing understanding of implant dentistry to grasp the core concepts presented.

Professional and Accurate 3D Animations

DentalMaster includes top-of-the-line 3D animations that illustrate a full range of dental implant procedures and conditions. These 3D animations are incredibly accurate and carefully designed for patients to be able to understand them easily.

Effective Marketing for Your Practice

DentalMaster includes 3D animations and graphics that can be incorporated into your marketing strategy for your practice. This can greatly improve the apparent production value and professionalism of your marketing efforts.

Complimentary License for ICOI Members

DentalMaster has partnered with ICOI to bring our members a complimentary one-year license of this impressive Personal Assistant SP software, allowing our members to access these valuable and impressive resources.

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